Name:Ankit Confession:- I love my bestfriend and she knows that i like her,we used to talk for about 10 hours a day,but now when i message her then only she reply me and also too late..i don't know why? Plz give me some advice that what should i do sothat she can be more close to me.i love her alot.


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shadab khan (India) says...
u don\'t have to worry bcz she is taking time to reply as now she know that u like her that\'s why she is little incomfortable but it will go fine in some days she will come to u when she will understand your
First She has changed my every habit by loving me all the time and finally she left me with the message that you are changed
in her life
3rd March 2014 5:50pm
Sumit says...
Dont worry its habit of girls to reply lately.
27th December 2013 11:00pm
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